test tube (or '| - apostrophe+pipe - for short) is a Portuguese based netlabel, focused on presenting new artists who are exploring new sounds. Be they electronic, acoustic or other. We are not restricting ourserlves or others to any particular style or genre.

Let's think of test tube as a test tube - literally - for emerging sound languages.

test tube releases audio/visual works on mp3 or other digital media formats, with artwork created by house designer aeriolabehaviour and other invited artists and designers. The audio/visual works we release, remain intellectual property of its authors. test tube is merely a vehicle of dissemination and promotion, with no intent on financial gain. All works are credited to their respective authors: keep the tags intact.


This website is all handcoded HTML, with just a couple of java scripts. It is compatible with most modern web browsers, like Firefox, our favorite.

Our logo:

Zipped in EPS format here.


All works (audio, video, graphic and text) are licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Creative Commons License.
(unless otherwise noted)


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